Adult film star Lisa Ann tells Del Zotto she is not his dating service

I am no hockey fan, so I don’t know of the one-the-ice exploits of Philadelphia Flyer Michael Del Zotto.  But, thanks to porn star Lisa Ann, I know more than I should about his dating life.

According to her, the two had gone on a date a couple of years back and, after that, something awkward happened.  Instead of asking her out again, he began pestering her to hook him up on dates with other female porn stars.

She says that after a while, they broke off contact but, after going on another date, recently, Del Zotto once again resumed with the request to have her help him line up dates and she let him feel the wrath by sharing his business her 750,000 Twitter followers.

In a series of tweets, she shares the background and the final incident which led to her public outing of his dating requests to her.  According to Lisa Ann, Michael Del Zotto eventually blocked her.

However, that did not stop Del Zotto from becoming a hot topic on Twitter yesterday.

As an adult, Michael Del Zotto has the right to do pretty much what he wants but, he might want to learn a little discretion.  Also, asking a woman you’ve dated to hook you up with other woman sounds a bit…well, weird.

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