Alabama candidate loses party support over racist, anti-Semitic posts

In a rare move, the Alabama Republican Party tossed out a candidate’s appeal to have his votes counted.

Jim Bonner ran in the party’s primary, seeking a seat on the Public Service Commission.  However, a week before the primary, the party voted to not certify any ballots cast for Bonner.  The reason?  The candidate either posted or positively commented on a number of racist, sexist and anti-Semitic posts.

According to Bonner, his posts were taken out-of-context.  However, a simple reading of some of the things he wrote doesn’t seem to need much context.  Here’s a sample, as report by in May:

In one post from 2017, Bonner shared a picture of a card reading “my love 4 u burns like 6,000 jews” with a picture of Adolf Hitler. He captioned it, “Awwwww I got a Valentine!!!”

In a post this week, he shared a meme of a doll wearing a head covering similar to a hijab, with the text, “No one knows what she says yet. We haven’t had the courage to pull the cord.”

In March, under a video he posted of a dog wearing a mask with exaggerated lips and a curly black wig, a friend commented that the dog favored California Rep. Maxine Waters. Bonner replied, “If it was black (it) would be her twin.”

Initially, Bonner was “ecstatic” about all the attention over his social media antics:

“I’m absolutely ecstatic. “This is going to have a definite positive effect on my campaign…and now the establishment is trying to shut me up.”

His views didn’t seem to bother a significant portion of the electorate.  Even after the Alabama GOP announced it would not count his ballots, Bonner still managed to get 49.7% of the primary vote.

Although he lost his appeal, Bonner hasn’t ruled out running as a write-in candidate this fall.

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