Amy Schumer deletes tweet accusing black men of misogyny

A few days back, actress/director Lena Dunham stuck her foot in it when she accused pro football player Odell Beckham Jr. of intentionally slighting her when they sat at the same table at the Met Gala. In her Instagram post, without speaking to him, she assumed that his focus on his smartphone meant that she did not conform to what his standard for a woman should be and therefore, he was operating under a narrow definition of womanhood. Dunham later apologized, saying that her own issues with self-esteem led her to make such an assumption.

That same night, Dunham shared a table with actress/comedian Amy Schumer. Rather than let the issues of that night die on the vine, Schumer helped revive the drama by, basically, implying that men of color harass women more than white men.

This came in the form a tweet in which she responded to a college economics professor, who happens to be Latino and had weighed in on the issue:

The tweet was only up briefly before she deleted it but, not fast enough to avoid a screenshot. As a result, the actress was dragged on Twitter for her inferences about men of color.

This is not the first time Schumer has been called on the carpet over racial comments. Unlike in previous instances, the feedback she got over this was almost instant.

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