Anchorage firefighter suspended for comment calling for President’s killing

Anchorage fireman Donald Baker received some unanticipated time off work after crossing the line in an online comment about President Obama.   Baker was responding to an article titled “Obama Hijacks Memorial With Sick Message.”  His comment read as follows:

“Would someone please put a bullet in this f*****’s head. He has no respect for anyone in uniform and no respect for America. He’s a worthless piece of s***.”

A screenshot of this comment was sent to a local news station who, in turn, contacted the Anchorage Fire Chief William Rookwood.  Thursday morning, the department confirmed that it had launched its own investigation into Donald Baker.  It also announced that Baker was suspended, pending its outcome.

The department does have a social media policy in place and Chief Rookwood believes this comment to be a violation.

Depending on the findings in the investigation, a review board could recommend further discipline, up to and including termination.  Furthermore, the board could turn over this case for review with law enforcement.

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