Arizona Senate candidate Kelli Ward keeps it classless on John McCain

Over the weekend, it was reported that Arizona Senator John McCain passed away at age 81 after his battle with brain cancer.  McCain was known as a war hero, for having survived 5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.  However, most of us know him as a long-time member of the U.S. Senate and a former presidential candidate.  McCain enjoyed the respect of those on both sides of the political aisle.

Still, McCain had his detractors, even in his own party.  In the last two years, he had become a sort of pariah to many in Republican circles.  His willingness to buck the party and the president didn’t sit well with ideologues.

Enter Kelli Ward.

Ward, who lost to McCain in 2016,  is now running to file the seat being vacated by another Republican Senator, Jeff Flake.  She has made no bones about her disdain for McCain but, in the last week, she has taken it to new lows.

Just days before a primary determines if she will be the Republican nominee, one of Ward’s staffers put out this Facebook post:


In short, the staffer accused John McCain of announcing the end of his cancer treatment as a ploy to derail Ward’s campaign.  Rather than Ward reprimanding the staffer, she offered her agreement.

Hours later, John McCain died.

In the days following this incident, the online community gave Ward a lot of attention. However, it was probably not the kind she wanted.

So, today, Ward tweeted this:

Again, John McCain just died from cancer.  So, many believe that her use of this phrase was intentional.

Currently, recent polling has Ward trailing her primary opponent Martha McSally by a significant margin.  Tomorrow, we will see if her latest tactics help her with the voters of Arizona.

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