Arizona Wildcats punt linebacker over racist video

Just a few short days ago, recent Arizona transfer, Santino Marchiol, was fighting to become eligible to play this season. His reasons? The former Texas A&M linebacker accused his former coaches of misconduct and recruiting violations.  As a result, he claimed that he should get a waiver to play. However, today, he finds himself off a second team.  Ironically, it seems the would-be whistle-blower was, himself, outed by other whistle-blowers.

Over the weekend, some Texas A&M fans found some disturbing video on a website called Hudl.  The site allows athletes and coaches the ability to upload footage and anlytics, in order to prepare for games or create highlight reels.  In case you haven’t guessed, the incriminating videos came from none other than Marchiol’s personal account.

In the now-deleted videos, Marchiol can be heard making some referring to some of his former A&M teammates as “monkeys”.  Here’s how USA Today describes the videos:

The video appears to show Marchiol and a woman watching film of him. On one occasion she asks, “Who’s 26, carrying the ball?” A male voice, seemingly Marchiol, responds “Yeah one of those monkeys.”

In another clip, the woman asks about a safety and he responds, “Yeah, they call him the monkey safety” followed by laughter.

The videos were shared on social media and, when the University of Arizona got wind of it, Santino Marchiol was dismissed from the team.

Marchiol, himself, has not spoken on his dismissal.  However, his attorney, Thomas Mars, offered a someone tepid response to these revelations:

“As someone who helped lead the effort to advance diversity in the legal profession … I understand and respect the University’s decision. On the other hand, as someone who’s grown close to Santino and who knows the quality of his character, the depth of his faith, and the sincerity of his convictions, I’m heartbroken. What can be heard on the highlights video doesn’t reflect the values or beliefs of the young man that I’ve come to know.”

Perhaps he’ll take a lesson from all this.  In the meantime, it is yet another reminder to all young people about the staying power (and potentially damaging nature) of the things you put on the internet.

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