Ashanti stalker blames singer for not blocking him on Twitter

It seems that Devar Hurd has been stalking singer/actress Ashanti for a number of years, now.  In 2009, Hurd was first convicted after sending explicit photos to the Ashanti’s mother — he claims he meant to send them to the singer.

Obviously, a stalker is not someone to take lightly so, Ashanti and her family took the necessary step of having an order of protection put in place.  However, as with many stalkers, such an order does little to deter them from pursuing the object of their obsession.

So, now, Hurd is back on trial for violating this order.  In 2012, he broke the agreement by trying to meet Ashanti’s sister at an event.  But, there’s an even more bizarre aspect to this story.  It appears that he believed that he’d found a loophole of sorts when it came to contacting the singer via social media.  Hurd is currently acting as his own attorney and, as part of his defense, he is alleging that Ashanti must want contact with him because, if she didn’t, she could have simply blocked him on Twitter:

“I am one of Ashanti’s 1.75 million Twitter followers — people that she allows to tweet her, retweet her or respond to her on the uncensored social media site designed just for that — socializing at your discretion,” Hurd told jurors.

“I simply had non-violent, non-threatening written communication on a site made just for socializing,” he added. “She has the ability to stop me if she wants to — quick block button.”

However, the District Attorney disagrees and is trying Hurd on stalking and harrassment charges.  The singer and her family are expected to testify.

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