Aspiring politician’s bare ambition

Tim Krahling is a Libertarian candidate running to represent Oklahoma’s House District 45.  As part of his platform, he says that he’s for privatizing police and fire departments. However,  it appears that privates, not privatization, have earned the would-be politician some unwanted attention.

Recently, Krahling created a stir for himself after posting a nude selfie on Reddit.  When first confronted about it, Krahling denied it but, now, he’s owned up to it.

At the moment, the candidate says that he isn’t too worried about it saying, “As libertarians say, my personal life is my personal life, and your personal life is your personal life.”  However, one might ask how something can be personal when one makes it available to others on a public site.

Nonetheless, Tim Krahling says that this issue has not changed his plans to pursue office and is still seeking to unseat incumbent Claudia Griffith in the fall.

Is he being naïve in thinking this won’t matter to voters or have people gotten so used to over-sharing on social media that this will be much ado about nothing?

Come November, voters in Oklahoma will let us know.

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