Assassination tweet puts teacher in hot seat

In British Columbia, a teacher has found out that reckless tweeting can attract unwanted attention and be hazardous to one’s professional life.

Matt Heyworth teaches Constable Neil Bruce Middle School.  However, if he’s not careful, he could be needing to update the old resumé.  At the moment, teachers in the province are in heated contract talks with the local government so, emotions are running high.  On the table are two options — either accepting the new contracts being offered or rejecting them and walking off the job.

Heyworth, however, took to Twitter to propose a third option:

“Can we have a re-vote with assassination as option 3.”

It is presumed that the “assassination” reference was directed toward Premier Christy Clark.

Heyworth says that he was simply a victim of iPhone’s auto-correct feature and that he was typing in “arbitration” but, it came out as “assassination”.  Whatever the case, this appears to be the end if his public Twitter life, for now.  Matt Heyworth deleted his account.

He is not out of the woods yet, however.  The school is looking into what disciplinary action will be taken for his violation of its code of conduct.



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