Babysitters arrested over Snapchat video showing them giving marijuana to toddlers

They were supposed to be caring for three toddlers but, authorities say that they abused the children in their care.  Last week, a shocking Snapchat video hit the web.  In it, 21-year-old Michaela Pearson and 18-year-old Candice Little are seen giving children marijuana to smoke.

In the video, the women laugh as they watch children, ages 3, 2 and 18 months, inhale and instruct them to pass the weed to one another.

A video so shocking was bound to go viral.  As is typically the case with these videos, authorities were alerted.  This subsequently led to the women’s arrest.  There were initially charged with felony child abuse.  However, the charges haves since been reduced to misdemeanors. Nonetheless, if they are sentenced to maximums, each could still receive jail time.  Both are on $100,000 bond, awaiting trial.

The children’s mother stated that she “trusted them” as caregivers and was very upset about these developments.  After treatment at a local hospital, the children returned home to their mother.


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