Bank robbers couldn’t wait to share the news on social media

If you rob a bank do you:

a) Leave town and change your name?
b) Lay low and wait for the heat to die down?
c) Post selfies, holding wads of cash, on Facebook?

You already know how this went down.

John Mogan and Ashley Duboe are currently behind bars, on robbery and theft charges, for a recent bank heist in the city of Asheville, Ohio.  In late August, Mogan, after utilizing the makeup wizardry of girlfriend Duboe to cover his facial tattoos, walked into a bank, handed a note to a teller demanding money and walked out with a wad of cash.  So happy with his ill-gotten windfall, he and Dubose decided to share their news with the world.

mogan4[1]In the days following the robbery, they appear to have taken a road trip.  Along the way, they snapped pictures of themselves playing with the stack of money and posted them to their shared Facebook page while bragging about the money they’d come into.

Authorities eventually caught up with the couple and, last week, the two were arrested.

Unable to come up with the $250,000 bond they need, both will remain in jail, awaiting trial.  No doubt their social media activity will be key evidence in their prosecution.

A month prior to this incident, John Mogan had just been released from prison for…surprise…a bank robbery in a city some 20 miles from Asheville.

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