Bank VP sacked over derogatory post targeting Obamas

These days, companies want very little to do with social media drama. It’s also safe to assume that, the higher up the ladder you are, the more your activity will be scrutinized.

This week, an Alabama branch of Regions Bank, the country’s 18th-largest bank, severed ties with one of its senior VP’s¬†after it became aware of one of her Facebook posts. It probably didn’t help that it had gone viral after someone labeled it the “Racist Post of the Week.”

In a comment, June Pridmore wrote, in part, that:

“I voted [Trump] in. I like him. He has a beautiful wife unlike the ugly and embarrassing woman (for lack of a better word), in the White House now. Ms. Trump’s face would make Michele (sic) O’Bama (sic) a Sunday face.

I’m certainly glad [Trump] he has a lot of money because she he (sic) won’t be bought out like Barack (sic), socialist Muslim O’Bama (sic) or his wife or all those host of relatives they have in the whitehouse (sic) for US to support.

They have sponged the US of money flying to every single location in which they could vacation, taking the Grandmother with them. ….Oh yes, and let us NOT forget they flew the family dog on a SEPARATE plane. If any idiot out there thinks that is justified, you deserved him as president.

I prefer a man who can buy Michele (sic) and Barack and sell them several times over.”

The bank launched its own investigation into the post and, this past Wednesday, announced that June Pridmore had been fired.

“We appreciate the concerns shared about offensive social media comments that were made through an associate’s personal Facebook account. We want you to know that we share those concerns. Those comments do not reflect our values as a company or the way we do business. The associate is no longer an employee of the company.”

June Pridmore has since deleted her Facebook page.

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