Best Buy pricing mistake couldn’t have been more poorly-timed

Best Buy blames math and a store clerk for a price mark-up that caused them to be dragged all over social media.

This picture was posted to Twitter yesterday.  It was taken at a Best Buy store, in the Houston suburb of Cypress.  As you are probably aware, Houston, Texas is dealing with almost-unfathomable flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

No, the price mark-up wasn’t on a TV or some electronic gadget.  It was actually for something much more important in this time of crisis — bottled water.

The store was selling 24-pack case of Dasani water for $43.  If you couldn’t afford it, not to worry — you could get a 12-pack of Smart Water for ~$30.

So, you couldn’t blame people for thinking that the company was taking advantage of a disaster to make a quick buck.

The company insists that this was not a case of price-gouging.  Instead, they say it was simply a “mistake” by one of its associates.  Best Buy says that they do not typically sell water by the case so, the employee got the price by multiplying the cost of an individual bottle by 24 or 12, respectively.

Best Buy has made a public apology and says that this will not happen again.  Ironically, the store at the heart of this dust-up is now closed due to Hurricane Harvey.

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