Bikram Yoga 9/11 promotion goes from bad to worse

If you’re anything like me, you believe 9/11-themed business promotions are almost always done poorly.  However, some are so bad that they can cause jaws to drop.

Bikram Yoga of Arlington, VA put out a tweet for a 9/11 promotion that read, “9+11=20% OFF! PATRIOTS DAY SALE on Bikram Yoga”.

No, their account was not hacked or hijacked — someone from the company actually sent it on purpose.

One the negative feedback started rolling in, the response from Bikram Yoga was a defensive one:


Next came a switch to the conspiratorial, as someone went all “9/11 truther”:


In the end, like the stages of grief, someone came to acceptance and simply apologized:

bikram-yoga-apology1 bikram-yoga-apology2

After reading all this, I think I’ll go back to resting my head in my hands, now.


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