Bungling burglars snared by Facebook messages

Here’s a quandary that comes with wrongdoing:  the more people involved, the less likely it is to remain secret.  Just ask a group of teen burglars from Florida. In the early morning hours of May 3, police say 19-year-olds Emilio Heinzman and Travis Warriner were breaking into the home and cars of a Ft. Myers family.  16-year-old Abigail Berard was acting as a lookout. $50 in cash and $10,000 in jewelry was stolen.

Investigators were tipped off to messages Berard shared on Facebook in which she implicated herself and boyfriend Travis Warriner.  In the messages, she wrote that she had been a “lookout only” for the caper and that, when the homeowners awakened, she “ran like the wind” back to her boyfriend’s house.  Investigators match time stamps of the messages to the time around which the burglary happened.

On May 9th, while serving a warrant on an unrelated crime, police searched Emilio Heinzman’s residence and found items stolen from the Ft Myers burglary, as well as electronics, guns and ammunition.

Emilio Heinzman has been charged with four felony charges, including weapons possession and grand theft. Travis Warriner was charged with six felonies, including vehicle and home burglary and grand theft.  Abigail Berard has been charged with four felonies and has been transferred to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

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