‘Canada Creep’ captured, thanks to internet sleuths

Calgary police have named a 42-year-old man as the person allegedly behind the “Canada Creep” Twitter account, on which a number of voyeur photos of unsuspecting women were posted.  Authorities says the suspect, identified as Jeffrey Williamson of Calgary, took photos and videos of women, accompanied  by lewd captions, and shared them with his 17,000 Twitter followers. This account has since been suspended.  Williamson was arrested and, so far, has been charged with three counts of voyeurism, as well as three counts of the publication of voyeuristic recordings.  Police say that expect more charges to come.

Though the women were clothed, his photos focused on their rear ends, breasts and genitalia.  However, in some instances, he took upskirt photos and videos of his victims. Police executed a search on Williamson’s home and confiscated a laptop, hard drives and other electronic devices.  Investigators say Williamson had terabytes of data, including hundreds of thousands of photos, on these devices.  It is believed that his activities span the last five years.  As a result of his alleged crimes, Williamson was also fired from his job at an IT firm, where he worked as a systems consultant.

Police are crediting the “overwhelming” response of the online community for helping track down Williamson.

Currently, Jeffry Williamson is out on bail, awaiting trial.  He has been ordered to stay out of downtown Calgary.  He is also forbidden to use any computing device or camera.   Williamson was told that he cannot have any social media accounts. Furthermore, he is not allowed to have contact with any complainants.

If convicted, Williamson could receiving a maximum of up to two years per voyeurism charge.

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