Candidate finds the edge of Facebook and jumps off

David Anthony Wiggins is a Republican candidate for Baltimore County Sheriff.  I’m no psychic but, I am thinking he’s going to have a little trouble getting elected.

Mr. Wiggins came onto the social media radar after some of his comments to a Facebook post by Alana Davenport, a director for Baltimore Crisis Responses, Inc., in which she states her support for the indefinite suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice related to a February domestic assault on his then-fiancee (and current spouse) that was caught on a hotel surveillance camera.

It appears that Mr. Wiggins had strong disagreement with Ms. Davenports views and offered the following gems in the comments he posted:

“How is she a victim when she began the assault? Are you holding her blameless and to a higher standard? Did you watch as she continually assaulted him until he knocked her Jodi Badass out? Quit it with the sexist double standard.”

He continued on to state:

“Women want equality. She (Janay Rice) got some of it.”

As a parting shot on this subject, Wiggins posted this:


While there is definitely a need to discuss issues of social justice, one form of brutality does not negate another form of brutality.

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