Candidate learns lesson about choosing one’s friends

Don Robart, the former mayor of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, is seeking to be the next Municipal Clerk of Courts the nearby city of Stow. In order to do so, he will first have to get past some new questions about his judgment.  It turns out that a friend of and political supporter of Robart, Bob Thomason, is a flaming racist and misogynist.

Thomason was set to host a fundraiser for the Don Robart campaign but, the candidate canceled the event following the press being alerted to Bob Thomason’s Facebook profile.

The profile was public, at least until yesterday, and it contained some pretty vile posts.  Thomason had been defiant, claiming that he was fluent in two languages: “English and profanity”.  He also claimed that he was just refusing to be “politically correct”.  However, there were a plethora of posts referring to black people as the n-word and a number referring to women as the c-word.  It seems, however, that the pressure must have gotten to Bob Thomason because he has now taken down his Facebook page.  However, another candidate running against Don Robart, was able to compile many of these statements (as well as number of screen shots) and sent them in a press release to local media.  You can read the press release here.  It’s pretty rough.

At first, Don Robart defended his friend, say he was not a racist but, later felt compelled to say “I find his comments to be totally repulsive and I emphatically do not support any comments made privately or publicly by him on his Facebook page.”  Robart says that he’s never heard his friend use such language in real life and says that, since he doesn’t have a Facebook account, he wasn’t aware of Thomason’s online antics.

This is not the first time someone close to Don Robart has had a Facebook controversy.  Last year, Robart’s wife, Cecilia, who is an employee with the Summit County Board of Elections, made headlines when it was determined that she had been posting to Facebook on work time, including a series of comments insulting the current mayor of Cuyahoga Falls, who had recently defeated her husband in an election.

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