Candidate quits after wishing sexual assault on reporter

If there’s one word to describe the recent behavior of would-be politician Mike Krawitz, it would be “vile”.

Krawitz has repeatedly run for office in his hometown of West Deptford Township, NJ with no success. Outside of his political aspirations, he has another interest — the hateful, sexist online harassment of Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi.

Nuzzi, whose beat typically involves her reporting on Republican politics, says that Krawitz began harassing her in late 2014. She uses her personal Facebook page to share her stories and it is publicly-available to anyone. As a result, according to Nuzzi, it became a “cesspool of trolls and similar lifeforms who respond to everything I say with vitriol.” Krawitz frequently commented there, even calling her the c-word, at one point.

However, in a recent set of posts, Mike Krawitz went from troll to deranged. It seems that Krawitz is a huge fan of Donald Trump. After Nuzzi shared another reporter’s article about his hero’s past affair with Marla Maples, Krawitz became totally unhinged and posted a series of comments in which he expressed a wish that Nuzzi would be raped.

Olivia Nuzzi took a screenshot of the comments and shared them on her Twitter account, along with a link to the West Deptford Republican Club’s web site (the page to which she linked is no longer active on the site). The next day, Mike Krawitz became infamous when Nuzzi used this incident in an article highlighting the decline of political discourse in America.

In dealing with the fallout of his newfound “fame”, Mike Krawitz first tried to claim he’d been hacked. However, given the similarity between his previous comments and the latest ones (he used the same misplaced punctuation in those, as well), no one was buying his story.

Facing the fact that he’d made his political longshot win into more of an impossibility, Krawitz resigned his candidacy.

Now, if he would only resign from being an online troll…

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