Candidate’s Facebook post comes back to bite him in debate

It’s not often that a race for a county commissioner’s seat garners national attention.  But, the race for Pueblo County Commissioner (Colorado) did just that due to a recent debate between the Democratic incumbent Sal Pace and the Republican challenger Tom Ready.

After Pace accused the Ready of violating their agreement not to go negative, things got rather interesting:

Sal Pace: “I thought we agreed not to go negative, but what about your posting on your Facebook site linking to a story that questioned whether Sandy Hook really happened?”

Tom Ready: “I don’t think [the Sandy Hook shootings have] been proven. And what’s wrong with open discussion? Some of the people, if you recall, there was a picture of a man walking in whose daughter had died, he was smiling and joking. When he walked into the room, he turned and all of a sudden had tears in his eyes. Why?”

Twenty-six people (twenty of them children) died in the mass-shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012.  However, in the aftermath of this incident, Sandy Hook “truthers” have sprung up, claiming that this never happened but, was instead staged by those wanting to enact gun-control measures.

Tom Ready, in the matter of a few seconds, outed himself as one of these truthers in front of a debate audience.  Since that time, the video has been making its rounds on the internet, also.

The audience was noticeably shocked, if one can go by the reaction Ready got for his statements.  According to a local paper, the Pueblo Chieftan, it was all the crowd of 200 could discuss after the debate.

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