‘CEO of Purple Drank’ facing life for drug trafficking

Was he just playing a role to maintain street cred?  According to the attorney for Harrison Garcia, this was the case.  However, prosecutors see it differently.

The 27-year-old hip-hop producer, who called himself the “CEO of Purple Drank”,  was recently convicted of five felonies, including armed drug trafficking.  According to prosecutors, Garcia was the ringleader of group responsible for several pharmacy heists and was alleged to be illegally selling syrup of promethazine with codeine, which is popular among those who like to indulge in “lean”.  “Lean”, also know as “sizzurp” or “purple drank” is a concoction typically made of the drug, mixed with either a soft drink or Jolly Rancher candies.

It is alleged that Harrison’s clientele included rapper Lil’ Wayne and singer Chris Brown.

During the trial, evidence was presented that showed Garcia making drug sales to informants and these informants also led them back to a drug house, with alleged ties to Garcia, where police “seized illegal guns and thousands of Xanax pills.”

However, to bolster their case, prosecutors also looked to Garcia’s Instagram profile. On his page, Garcia routine posted pictures of himself with guns, wads of cash and cups of what he claimed, at least in the photos, were “purple drank”.  In fact, his Instagram moniker was “Muhammad A Lean”

Harrison Garcia’s attorney, Gustavo Lage, says his client is a “schmuck” who “talks big and is trying to be something he’s not.”  He is looking to appeal the case, claiming that his client is not drug dealer, he just plays one on Instagram.

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