‘Cindy Brady’ fired from radio gig over homophobic Facebook rant

My, my…what would Carol Brady have to say about this?

Susan Olson, who played Cindy Brady on the classic sitcom “The Brady Bunch”, was fired from her radio job after personally going after a listener on Facebook.

Olson had been a host L.A. Talk Radio’s “Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics”. Writer/producer Leon Acord-Whiting posted a complaint about her on the company’s Facebook page that read: “It is wildly irresponsible for LA Talk Radio to allow a Trump fanatic to co-host one of their programs, where she can spew her idiotic lies unchecked.” He went on to write that he would no longer listen to or appear on the station as long as she was employed there. According to Acord-Whiting, it wasn’t about her political leanings as much as it was his concerns that she was spreading misinformation.

In response, Susan Olson sent Acord-Witing a private message, complete with expletives and homophobic slurs:

“Hey there little p#ssy, let me get my big boy pants on and Reallly (sic) take you on!!! What a snake in the grass you are you lying piece of sh#t too cowardly to confront me in real life so you do it on Facebook…You are the biggest f#ggot ass in the world the biggest p#ssy! My D#ck is bigger than yours Which ain’t sayin much! What a true piece of sh#t you are! Lying f#ggot! I hope you meet your karma SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY”

But, it didn’t stop there. She later followed up with another message that read:

“I sincerely hope you reap all that you deserve Karma wise. What a pathetic little c#nt you are. Hell is waiting for you. ENJOY!”

Acord-Witing promptly forwarded Olson’s messages to her employer and, by Saturday morning, she was out of a job.

In a statement, without specifically naming her, the company announced it had severed ties with Olson and denounced her rhetoric as not being in-line with its company values.

Helping you to avoid killing your career in 140 characters.