CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord out after Nazi salute tweet

It took just two words to seal the fate of CNN pundit Jeffrey Lord: “Sieg Heil”.  This was the text of a tweet that crossed the line for the network, resulting in his firing.

So, here’s what went down.  Lord engaged in a Twitter battle with Media Matters for America president Angelo Carusone, following a column Lord posted labeling the group as “fascists”. Lord and Media Matters have had previous disagreements over what he feels are attacks against the free speech of conservatives.

As the exchange went on, Carusone criticized Lord for a misspelling in the title of his column.  It was at that point Lord responded with the “Sieg Heil” tweet.

This would result in yesterday being his last as a CNN pundit.  On his way in to work, Lord got the call telling him his services would no longer be needed. In a statement, CNN simply stated, “Nazi salutes are indefensible. Jeffrey Lord is no longer with the network.”

For his part, Lord is unapologetic and says his firing was a result of CNN “caving to bullies”.

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