College trustee blames hack for racist likes

A New Jersey college trustee is facing calls for his resignation over likes to a number of racists tweets.

Joseph DiBella, a former mayor and a current trustee for Brookdale Community College, says that, despite being an outspoken critic of President Obama and Hillary Clinton, it was not he who liked posts that included a refererence to the President as an “islamic (sic) black monkey” and posts suggesting that Hillary Clinton could perform oral sex to secure the African-American vote.

According to DiBella, his account was hacked¬†and someone else liked those tweets. To be clear, the alleged perpetrator did not tweet anything under his name. Instead, this person went on a liking spree, using his account. He has called upon the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s office to look into the alleged hack. DiBella has since made his account private.

However, a number of student at Brookdale college students are not buying his excuse and have started a petition calling for his resignation. Members of this group say, prior to DiBella making his page private, they were able to capture screenshots of about 35 tweets. According to them, the tweets show “has been posting and liking vitriolic content for the past two years in some form or another”.

For now, DiBella remains a Brookdale trustee. Monmouth County Freeholder Director Tom Arnone (the board which appoints trustees) stated that no action will be taken, pending the outcome of the county prosecutor’s investigation.

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