Colorado man faces jail, grounding for online threat

21-year-old Dylan Hopkins has accomplished the feat of simultaneously landing himself in serious legal jeopardy and exposing himself as the very stereotype of an online troll.

On Saturday, Hopkins was arrested for threatening to shoot a state senator and her family via a Facebook message. Hopkins sent the threat directly to the senator’s account. The senator, Laura Woods, in turn, contacted police. He was charged with harassment involving use of a computer.

Dylan Hopkins, who lives with his parents, was released on a recognizance bond, which the parents had to co-sign.

According to his mother, Hopkins was upset about recent political developments. She said no one in the Hopkins household even owns a gun.

His mother says that they will be taking the cable and internet access out of his room and they will be trading in his smartphone for a flip phone. She is also making him write an apology letter to the senator and her family.

Presumably, he’ll be allowed off punishment to attend his court hearing on October 12.

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