Couple’s Ray Rice blackface meme is not okay

So, what do a “cool” mom and dad do to be hip and edgy on Halloween? How about donning blackface while also mocking domestic violence?  Yeah, they went there.

The photo of the couple went viral after their son posted it on his Instagram account.  In it, the dad is dressed as Ray Rice and the mom is dressed as Janay Rice.  Both are in blackface, with the mom also topping off her ensemble with makeup to look like she’s just received a black eye.  The son also added a caption that read “So my mom and dad win the best Halloween costume ever. #hitabitch #illtaketheelevator #shewasknockedupnowshesknockedout”.

It sounds like they’ve really impressed upon him the seriousness of domestic violence.


After receiving a lot of heat over the photo, the son deleted his post and, later, his Instagram account but, not before others got hold of it and made mom and dad infamous.

Unfortunately, they may not even be the worst offenders of this meme.  It appears that someone even got their kid in on the act:


Really, mom and dad…really?!!

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