Crossfit celeb does handstand on Holocaust memorial

When I read this story I said to myself, “What is it with athletes taking inappropriate selfies at the Holocaust memorial?”

On a recent trip to Berlin, Germany, noted Crossfit coach Dave Driscoll decided to take in some sites.  He came across a large outdoor exhibit that he found “visually stunning” and decided to take a picture of himself standing on top of one of the exhibit’s concrete slabs.  He posted the image to Instagram, with the caption “Hello Berlin, Germany. 15 hour layover. Checking the sites. Drinking the beers. Eating the bratwurst.”

However, there was one huge problem with what he did — the slab he was standing on was part of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

Driscoll heard from a number of Instagram users, telling him the significance of where he was and how inappropriate they found the picture.  He took down the post (though a number of sites, including BuzzFeed had already captured screenshots).  The Crossfit coach then issued the following apology:

“I feel completely terrible as I would never purposely offend or disrespect this memorial had I known.”

Perhaps this might have been avoided if Driscoll had been following another athlete on social media.  Last year, San Antonio Spurs player Danny Green visited the same memorial and took his own inappropriate selfie along with an extremely offensive caption:


Green found himself in a lot of hot water over the post and stumbled all over himself apologizing.

Note to those visiting Berlin — the Memorial has a greater significance than background/props for your self-promotion.

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