Dear Fyre Festival Organizers: Quit while you’re behind.

It’s been a little over a week since the disaster that was to be the first Fyre Festival made headlines.  For the uninitiated, this was to be the ultra-chic, ultra-pricey music festival that promised chartered flights, luxury accommodations, gourmet food and top-of-the line musical acts, all to be held on a private island.  They delivered on none of these promises.  Of the few thousand who actually made it to the not-private Island (there was a Sandals resort nearby), they were greeted with disaster-relief tents (some without bedding), cheese sandwiches served in styrofoam and no electricity/running water.  The plug was pulled on the event after less than a day.

This was clearly below the expectations of the attendees, some of whom purportedly paid upwards of six digits for their packages.

Almost immediately, the lawsuits began, including a $100 million class-action suit against Fyre Media and its investors.

So, you might think the people behind this mess would want to keep a low profile.  Well, maybe not.

If the claims in a new lawsuit are true, the Fyre Festival organizers might be thinking the hole they are in is clearly not deep enough.  According to a $5 million lawsuit filed by Kenneth and Emily Reel, who are suing the organizers for fraud, among other things, it is alleged that Frye Media’s attorneys are sending “cease-and-desist” letters to certain individuals who have “criticized the festival” on social media.

The suit further contends that, in these letters, critics are warned that if they did not take down their comments, they could ‘incite violence, rioting, or civil unrest’ and that if “someone innocent does get hurt as a result … Fyre Festival will hold you accountable and responsible.”

If this is indeed the case, Fyre Media should expect itself to be on the receiving end of further social media roastings.

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