Dept of Corrections official resigns after online racial hate exposed

The Deputy Director of the Department of Corrections in Shelby County, TN managed to Facebook himself right out of a job when a number of his posts came to light.

Until Tuesday, David Barber had been employed with the county for 17 years. But, that came to a screeching halt when he resigned from his position over a series of posts exposing his racial hatred and homophobia.

The walls started caving on Barber on Nov. 11th. On that date, his department became aware of his social media activity and began its official investigation. Below are a couple of examples:

Knowing he was busted, Barber decided not to wait to be fired. Because of his resignation, he will be allowed to keep his benefits.

According to Shelby County Mayor, Mark Lutrell, Barber had identified himself as a county employee on his Facebook page. As such, he was expected to maintain a higher standard of behavior both at and away from work.

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