DISGUSTING: Raising Cane’s fires employees for an interesting take on drink preparation

You want to set off public concern, create a PR nightmare and lose your job all at the same time?   Post a video of you tampering with food on your job.  There’s a now-former Raising Cane’s employee who can instruct you on how to get this done.

In a couple of Snapchat videos, an employee in a Missouri store is seen “preparing” iced tea by putting her entire bare arm inside the pitcher and stirring.  She is then seen pouring the tea into a dispenser, presumably for it to be served to customers.  All the while, she and the person recording the incident can be heard laughing.  In the first video, the caption reads “don’t drink tea from Cane’s” and the second reads “she tryflin (sic) cause we don’t care no more“.

As you might imagine, the video went viral, netting hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook, and the company began fielding complaints from a disgusted public. Both employees involved were summarily fired.

President and COO AJ Kumaran was the left with the fun job of having to issue a statement on the matter.  It reads as follows:

“At Raising Cane’s, we take pride in what we do and work very hard to train our 19,000+ crewmembers to uphold the highest standards, which our customers have come to expect from us. After reviewing the video of the isolated incident at the Tiffany Springs restaurant, we are incredibly disappointed by the actions of these crewmembers. We take the safety and quality of our food very seriously, and we will not tolerate any actions that compromise these standards.”

However, a more interesting statement came from the Kumaran when he alluded to possible further action against the ex-employees when he stated: “(w)e are exploring all options”.
I’ll editorialize for a moment.  When I first saw the unedited Snapchat videos, I told someone that I would not be surprised if companies began looking at lawsuits against people who do these acts, as they create fallouts for businesses that are costly in terms of additional employee training, loss of customers and the efforts needed to address the public relations messes that these incidents cause.
While I can’t say what actions the company will pursue in this case, don’t be surprised if you find a few lawsuits testing these waters.
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