UPDATE: Doctor resigns over fallout from racist Michelle Obama post

Late yesterday, it was reported that Dr. Michelle Herren resigned from Denver Health, where she had been employed for the last 10 years. According to Denver Health, both parties “mutually agreed” to part ways. As previously reported, the hospital had been actively looking into their options as it related to any punitive actions it could take.

Original Post:
It appears that a Facebook recent post, which referred to First Lady Michelle Obama as a “Monkey face”, has the potential of turning a Colorado doctor into persona non grata.

Dr. Michelle Herren, a pediatric anesthesiologist at Denver Health Medical Center, made headlines¬†after this post reached the public’s awareness.

In addition to her position with the Medical Center, Dr. Herren also held a non-paid faculty role with the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.

Did you notice I wrote, “held”?

This is because, as of yesterday, the school cut ties with Herren over this controversy.

Her primary employer, Denver Health, is also looking into what options it can explore in regards to her employment there. Yesterday, it issued a statement condemning the doctor’s words and stated that, until further notice, the doctor will not be seeing patients there.

Because the medical center is technically a state hospital, the rules for public sector employees apply, which make the grounds for dismissal less cut-and-dry. So, only time will tell what further sanctions the doctor might face.

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