ESPN feels heat for College Gameday tweet

According to ESPN, “Our Twitter handle looks to bring the sights and sounds of the College GameDay experience to the viewer at home and reflect how the fans on site express themselves.”

However, some are asking where the editorial line gets drawn.

2C8D13CD00000578-3242268-image-a-8_1442769791665[1]In a tweet, posted this past Saturday, ESPN’s @CollegeGameDay account put up the picture of an Alabama Crimson Tide fan holding up a sign that read “Ole Miss Girls Are Easier Than Their Out-Of-Conference Schedule.”  The tweet was captioned “Just no chill“.

A number of Twitter users called ESPN out over the tweet for its apparent misogyny and its insensitivity to the issue of rape on college campuses. Others claimed that any offense taken was just political correctness run amok.

The post did make it to their on-air broadcast and the personalities doing commentary expressed disgust at it, with one commentator calling it “unacceptable.”

Nonetheless, ESPN has not taken down the post.



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