Facebook conversation leads to drug arrest for second grade teacher

For some, leaving a Facebook profile unattended might prove embarrassing.   For a teacher in Oklahoma, it led to arrest.

Last week, while at school, second-grade teacher Megan Sloan stepped away from the computer she was using but left her browser open on her Facebook account.  A teacher, with who she shared the computer, saw that Sloan was having a conversation with someone in which the two were discussing the use and sale of heroin, as well as the selling of stolen property.

Police were called to Holmes Park Elementary and Sloan was taken into custody.  A search of her purse uncovered syringes, meth, heroin, prescription drugs and drug paraphenalia. Under questioning, Sloan admitted to pawning two of the schools iPads as well as taking field trip money to buy gas and drugs.

Megan Sloan is now facing drug and embezzlement charges.

This incident has also created renewed scrutiny into the administration of Holmes Park Elementary.  According to an email exchange between a concerned citizen and the now-superintendent Robert Armstrong, the district was tipped off to Sloan’s alleged drug use back in 2015.  In his response, Armstrong wrote that he would look into it.  Undoubtedly, he will now have to answer why she was allowed to continue teaching there two years after the school was made aware of her drug problem.

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