Facebook history leads to resignation for Conservative Party official

With around 1.5 billion users (let that sink in for a moment), Facebook is obviously a good platform to communicate and share. Also, Facebook helped to create and environment that people can run to and share whatever’s on their minds.   However, not everyone should. Take, for example, politicians.

When your job is to get votes, you want leadership that is going to help you attract voters and donors, not repel them.  Enter Sue MacDonnell.

Until this week, MacDonnell was a board member of the Bay of Quinte Conservative Association (Ontario, Canada).  That was, until, people got a good look at her personal Facebook postings.  It seems that few were safe from MacDonnell’s wrath.  This included attacks made by her that clearly illustrated a high level of racial hostility towards Indians.

In a December 2013 post, she wrote:

“Indians loathe us and have no self-respect. The only way to stop this madness is to stop throwing money at them and force them to grow up.”

In January of this year, she posted:

“…if Indians want to eradicate ‘racism’, then assimilate. Ditch the Hallowe’en costumes.

Or you can continue to blame others for your lack of industry, and remain perpetual professional victims. It’s up to them. Apparently, they’re just fine with remaining infants. And they wonder why people have no respect for them???”

She also had a number of posts deriding Muslims, feminists, liberals and Black Lives Matter activists.

Once the association looked into her social media history, they demanded Sue MacDonnell resign.  In a statement on their website, they announced her exit.

September 8th, 2015
This morning, the Bay of Quinte Electoral District Association became aware that one of its Board members had posted some inappropriate content on her personal social media site, in her personal capacity. Upon becoming aware of that content, the Association required and accepted her resignation effective immediately. The views expressed by the now former Board member will not be tolerated and do not reflect those of the Bay of Quinte EDA. There will be no further statements with respect to this matter.
Nonetheless, Sue MacDonnell remains defiant and says that she hasn’t a racist bone in her body.  In a lengthy Facebook post, she takes on her detractors.  However, if she ever wants another shot at politics, she might want to do a good scrubbing of her social media history.
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