Feds: Serial bank robber flashed stolen cash, guns on Instagram

Federal authorities can add one more thing to their growing mountain of evidence in a string a bank robberies — one of the suspect’s Instagram posts.

Authorities say that, in the days following a robbery of a bank in Vorhees, NJ, Tammond “Mont” Hill posted pictures of himself in a ski mask, holding two guns and wearing the same jacket he wore in the robbery.  The day after another, he is seen fanning himself with $50 and $100 bills investigators say was from a robbery of another bank.

Hill was part of a crew of four men that have been implicated in a spree that began in 2016.  In that span of time, they hit banks, check cashing places and convenience stores.  It is estimated that they netted $37,000 from their exploits.

Feds are saying who but, one of the co-conspirators flipped on the others, giving details on who did what and how.

In addition to Hill, Steven “Fat Boy” Cooley, William Carter and Rabon Watkins are all staring at a string of federal charges.


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