Felony charge for teen who liked Instagram photo

Earlier this week, I shared the story of an Ohio middle-schooler who narrowly avoided a 10-day suspension for liking a photo, on Instagram, of what he said was an Airsoft pistol.   However, the story has taken a twist.  While he not facing discipline from the school, it appears that this incident has placed him in legal jeopardy.

Right after the boy’s suspension was lifted, police say they received a call and some information that led them to believe that the boy was not being completely  forthright in his story.  Investigators say that the young man and another student discussed bringing a gun to school.  The young man who like the photo was arrested and received a second-degree felony charge of inducing panic.  Ironically, they person who posted the photo received a misdemeanor charge of inducing panic.

This incident happens against the backdrop of a community that has fresh memories of a 2016 school shooting in nearby Madison High School in which a student opened fire on four classmates.  Police do believe, however, that the students involved in this incident had no real intention of harming anyone. Nonetheless, according to the local sheriff,  they couldn’t afford to take chances in this case.

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