Filthy acts get Philly fast food workers fired

We try not to think too hard about what goes on in the kitchens in the place we eat. Instead, we prefer to trust that our food is being prepared in reasonably sanitary environments and being handled properly. So, when someone is caught doing unsafe things with food that could be served to the public, it’s a big deal.

A little over a week ago, a crew of workers at a Philadelphia, PA Checker’s franchise participated in a Facebook Live video┬áin which an individual is seen claiming “that his co-workers have had sex with customers at the restaurant. At one point he also smokes a cigarette in the kitchen, describes how he sometimes handles the food without using gloves, threatens to spit in the food of customers and talks about ‘washing the floor with burger buns.'”

This video went on for a full 44 minutes.

The ringleader, Richard Benson, insists that he did not serve any of the tainted food to customers. According to Benson, this was just a publicity stunt he was using to promote his ambitions of being a comedian and hip-hop artist.

The video went viral but, not in the way Richard Benson hoped, bringing a torrent of outrage in his direction. He pulled the video but, by then, at least one other person had downloaded the video and re-posted it.

Checker’s corporate ownership was made aware of the incident and contacted the franchise owner. The owner stated that every employee involved would be fired and that the entire restaurant would be shut down for cleaning and inspection.

Well, congratulations, Richard Benson, you now have your 15 minutes of fame.

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