Fire chief gets heat over Facebook share

A deputy fire chief and 32-year veteran of the Charlotte Fire Department is now in the hot seat over an image that he shared over Facebook.  Jeff Dulin is now another test for a city that recently terminated a fire inspector over a controversial post she made to the social media site.

In the case of Dulin, he allegedly posted an image of Bruce Jenner, mocking his transition from man to woman.  On one side, there is Jenner’s iconic Wheaties’s box cover, celebrating his 1976 gold medal Olympic performance; on the other side was a recent image of Jenner superimposed on box of Froot Loops.  In this case, the word “fruit” is used to mock Jenner’s new gender identifcation.


While Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee called the post “highly offensive and inappropriate”, he does not not see it as a huge deal because Jeff Dulin shared the image as opposed to being its originator.  Carlee said that if it is determined that a policy violation took place, action will be taken.

Nonetheless, local LGBT activists are not letting this issue die quietly.  Additionally, this incident comes just as the city is reviewing its anti-discrimination policy to included sexual orientation under its protections.

Regardless of what comes from this, people in high-profile leadership positions would serve themselves well to mind their social media conduct.  The higher the position, the higher the stakes.

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