Firefighter loses job over racist Facebook tirade

It took just four sentences and ten minutes for a Michigan firefighter to lose his job.

The four sentences were the crescendo of a back-and-forth argument 40-year-old Ryan Hudson was having with a person on Facebook. The person says she originally commented on a story about 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem. This led to further exchanges between the two. At some point, the woman wrote the comment “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, to which Hudson responded with the following (censored below):

“F— black lives matter. You are the true epitome of a n—–. All lives matter. And if you think it is just black lives kiss my a– b—- and go back to the fields that us in the north fought to free you from.”

This person took screenshots of his comments and forwarded them on to Hudson’s fire chief Gregg Moore. According to Moore, these were “some of the worst words I had ever seen in my life” and he knew he had to do something.

Moore met with the union rep and the city manager. It took less than 10 minutes for the three to decide to fire Hudson.

Chief Moore says that this decision went beyond just the comment, indicating that “when the red light and siren goes off for firefighters to hit the road and possibly save lives, there cannot be any question that his men will do their job, no matter the color of the person’s skin.”

Originally, Hudson implied he’d been hacked, saying he did not author the post. Later, he claimed he’d been drinking¬†and doesn’t remember his comments.

Ryan Hudson had been with the department for just over a year and, according to the chief, had never previously exhibited any such behavior during his time there. Nonetheless, Chief Moore says he will review their screening process in hopes of avoiding future hires like Hudson.

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