Former nursing home employee arrested for cyberbullying

In March 2017, two employees  of the SweetGrass Court Assisted Living in Mount Pleasant, SC were fired for posting Snapchat videos, which showed them verbally abusing elderly Alzheimer’s patients in their care.  Now, one of these employees is also facing criminal charges.

25-year-old Nandhina Lance was arrested and charged with being a peeping tom.  She is currently out on a $10,000 bond.  In the video below ( courtesy of The Post and Courier), you can see and hear the patients being taunted as they are being recorded.  In one instance, a patient was only partially clothed.   When asked why they did it, the two employees said they “thought it was funny.”

To add to the fallout, Sweetwater’s parent company, Five Star Senior Living, is now facing lawsuits from each of these patients’ families.  The suits allege, among other things, that their loved ones weren’t properly protected and that the company failed to hire qualified staff.

In the months since this incidents, one of the victims passed.  The other has since been moved to a new care facility.

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