Former Playboy model sentenced over body-shaming Snapchat

It’s been nearly a year since I shared the story of Dani Mathers.  Mathers is a former playboy model who, in July 2016, did something that cost her big-time.  Let’s recap.  She was in the locker room of an L.A. Fitness gym, when she decided to take a picture of an older woman who was showering.  She posted it to Snapchat, with a caption that read “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”  Mathers claimed that she meant to send it to a few friends but, it went out to all her followers.  In the fallout, she lost her job as an on-air radio personality; L.A. Fitness banned her for life from every one of its facilities and, most seriously, she faced potential 6 months in jail over this incident.

Her actions led to the passage of a bill in the California Senate which would enact tougher penalties for invasion of privacy. This bill has yet to become law.

This past week, Dani Mathers learned her fate.  She pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of invasion of privacy.    She was sentenced to spend the next 30 days scrubbing graffiti around Los Angeles.  She also received 3 years’ probation.

In the wake of this incident, Mathers deleted her social media accounts and stayed away for several months.  She has since returned.  I suspect that she’ll exercise a little more wisdom when it comes to what, and who, she posts online.

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