Fugitive’s Snapchat leads to arrest

Who doesn’t love a fun-filled day at the amusement park?  It’s so easy to get lost in a good time that you might even forget that you’re wanted by the cops.  19-year-old Kimberly Dolan was enjoying a day with her son at Kennywood Amusement Park in West Mifflin, PA.  She wanted to share her good time with others so, she posted photos to Snapchat during their visit.  The problem?  Kimberly Dolan has outstanding warrants and the police were monitoring her social media activity.  From her posts, they were able to determine her location and had officers stationed at the park arrest her on the spot.

Dolan was wanted on charges an assault charges from an incident in early May in which she allegedly broke the nose of a woman who had been in a traffic accident with Dolan’s grandfather.  It is believed that the grandfather ran a red light, causing this accident.  Kimberly Dolan arrived a short while later and began assaulting the woman. Dolan then fled the scene before police arrived.

An arrest warrant was issued on May 25th, charging Kimberly Dolan with aggravated assault, harassment and disorderly conduct.

She is currently cooling her heels in the Allegheny County Jail awaiting arraignment.

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