Ghost of Facebook past coming to haunt MN House candidate

Old Facebook posts never die. They just lie in wait for the opportunity to rise from their presumed demise.

Nolan West, GOP candidate for the Minnesota House, just realized this. Starting back in his late teenage years (in college) and into, presumably, his young adult life, West has left a trail of racist, sexist and homophobic Facebook posts that now have the candidate in the hot seat and have his own party issuing a swift denunciation.

This controversy began when the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party began looking into his social media history. Though West has since scrubbed his Facebook account, he wasn’t able to do it before a number of damning screenshots had been taken.

Beginning in 2008, on the eve of the presidential election of Barack Obama, West wrote “IT’S LYNCHING TIME!” In 2010, he posted that he hated “f*gballs”. That same year, in another post, he referred to girlfriend of a friend as a “feminazi”. In 2011, he posted “Lincoln was the single worst president this country has ever seen”. This probably didn’t go over well with his party. In 2012 and 2013, he posted “jokes” about ethnic minorities.

West has now apologized. In a statement to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Nolan said “I apologize for posting insensitive material. … I’ve taken those posts down because they do not reflect who I am or what I believe.”

In addition to being a candidate, West still holds a job as a legislative assistant in the House. Time will tell if either position is in jeopardy in the wake of these revelations.

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