GOP lawmaker calls for lynchings for those taking down confederate monuments

“Lynching” is not a casual word to be tossed about.  To anyone who thinks it is, I would suggest that you look up what it means. If you can stomach it, look up an images of lynchings.  They are brutal and haunting.  I say all that to say, we someone evokes lynching, you should take what they say as a threat.  It only becomes more disturbing when such a threat comes from a person who’s an elected representative of the people.

This past Saturday, Mississippi state rep Karl Oliver, in a Facebook post expressing his opposition to the removal of confederate monuments, referred to the opposition as “Nazi-ish”.  He then took it one step further and called for these people to be lynched.

So, to be clear, on social media, you have a state lawmaker openly advocating murdering those who are legally removing statues from publicly owned land.

If this wasn’t bad enough, two of his fellow lawmakers state Rep. John Read and state Rep. Doug McLeod, liked the post.

Oliver is in his fourth term as a state rep.  So far, he has not responded to press inquiries about his Facebook post.

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