Honor students lure man over Facebook to rob him for bike

Like the older people used to tell me, “there’s a difference between common sense and book sense.”  A group of young men from the Chicago area continue to prove this adage true.

18-year-olds Patrick Moran, Carter Coates, Andrew Patterson, Michael Kralis, along with an unnamed 17-year-old accomplice, were arrested on Tuesday, for the beating and attempted robbery of Eric Batlle, who had advertised his bike for sale on Facebook and believed that he was meeting one of the young men in order to exchange his bike for the $500 he was asking.  Instead of paying him, Patrick Moran attempted to take the bike.  Batlle resisted but, unbeknownst to him, Moran had come to the spot in an Mercedes SUV, along with his other four accomplices, who jumped out of a nearby alley and began attacking  Batlle with pepper spray, baseball bats and a metal pipe.

Batlle was able to fight his attackers until the police arrived and were able to arrest the group.

In court, the next day, it was glaringly obvious that the four 18-year-olds had jeopardized what should have been bright futures:

  • Carter Coates graduated high school with a 4.3 gpa and was scheduled to attend California Polytechnic Institute in the fall
  • Patrick Moran is the son of an attorney and was set to begin at the University of Michigan
  • Michael Kralis had a score on his ACT that was 3 points higher than his defense attorney and was bound for DePaul University.
  • Andrew Patterson is a Lincoln Park High School graduate and had planned on taking acting classes.

Now, instead of taking advantage of their gifted lives, the appear to have flushed them down the drain.  The four young men have been charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.  The aggravated battery charge is a Class X felony, which according to Illinois law, is one notch below murder and can carry mandatory sentences ranging from 6-30 years in prison.  As a result, all four were denied bail.  No details are available on what charges the 17-year-old could face.

The four claim that they arranged the meeting with Batlle to retrieve a a stolen bike.  However, even if they were looking for a bike thief, police say that Batlle was not him.

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