Hospital employee fired for anti-black Facebook post

I don’t know if Diane Amoratis was aware of her employer’s social media policy or their standards of behavior for their employees.  If not, it doesn’t matter now:  she’s been fired.  The past week has been one where heated rhetoric has been exchanged over the police killings of black men in a 24-hour period and the ambush killings of 5 white Dallas police officers a day later.  Emotions ran high and, these days, it means airing grievances on social media.

Still, there is a time, place and way to air these grievances.  As far as Diane Amoratis’ employer was concerned, she exercised poor judgment in all three.

diane-amoratis-rantIn her Facebook post, Amoratis starts out by saying:

“They should have bulldozed the BLM protest at the 24/25th district last night. Disgraceful!!! And for all the police officers who have to work amongst these trouble makers, you deserve all the praise in the world.”

She continues:

“Blacks kill each other every day, all day long, and it’s ok with them. Why not protest when Jamal kills Kalif???? Well, I AM WHITE AND PROUD TO BE WHITE!! WHITE LIVES MATTER!!!! POLICE OFFICERS LIVES MATTER!!!”

Then, she tops it off with:

“I am sick and tired of all this bull—- with the black people!! If you don’t like my post, then delete me as your friend.”

Not everyone took her up on the advice to delete her.  Instead, a number of people contacted the hospital where she worked, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, to voice their displeasure with her online behavior.

On Wednesday,  a statement issued on the hospital’s Facebook page confirmed Diana Amoratis had been terminated.

“I am writing in follow up to the message that Dr. Klasko and I sent yesterday regarding hate speech. As an education and healthcare organization, we must embrace and protect each other in order to fulfill our mission to provide a caring and healing environment at Jefferson. I can report that we followed our established policies and procedures to address with dispatch the incident referred to yesterday. That individual is no longer at Jefferson.”

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