HSBC employees fired for mock ISIS video

It’s bad when one person does a colossally-stupid thing but, when it’s an entire group, some soul-searching is in order.

HSBC has just fired six employees for what could only be described as a disturbing video that was posted to Instagram.  The video, filmed during a team-building day, creates a mock scene of an ISIS-style execution, with a group of individuals in balaclavas (or ski masks) standing behind a colleague, who kneeling before them in an orange jumpsuit.  One of the group is holding a hanger as a fake knife.  During the video, someone shouts “Allahu Akbar” (“God is the greatest”).  Shortly after that, the group laughs.

They weren’t laughing for long, though.  The six individuals, believed to work for the legal team out of Birminingham, UK, found that neither their employer nor the internet shared their sense of humor.  The clip was taken down but, the damage had been done.  HSBC, which is already dealing with its share of bad publicity, decided quickly to issue walking papers to the group and apologized via Twitter.

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