Idaho deli owner’s racist rant prompts Facebook backlash

There’s a right way to deal with customer criticism and a wrong way.  My writing this should tell you which option the owner of AJ’s Gourmet Deli chose.  Recently, Jesse Lopez-Gonzales visited the Nampa, Idaho establishment, originally placing a to-go order.  Shortly after ordering, he changed his mind and decided he would like to eat in, as this was the condition to take advantage of the lunch special they were offering.  It was then that the person working behind the counter became rude with Mr. Lopez-Gonzales.

The exchange left a bad taste in his mouth so, after lunch, Jesse Lopez-Gonzales went home and posted a negative review on the deli’s Facebook page…

…and that’s when the fight started.

101522_Nampa_Deli2[1]The owner of the AJ’s Gourmet Deli read the negative review, apologized to the customer and calmly offered his side of the story.

Oh, sorry, that’s what should have happened.

Actually, owner went from zero to full-blown racist in less than two paragraphs.

First, he responded that it’s a deli, not a Mexican restaurant, which was apparently a dig at Mr. Lopez-Gonzales’ Latino heritage.  Then, he refers to him by a few choice swear words.

When Lopez-Gonzales responds with “Lol. Very professional of you sir.”, the owner decides to turn it up a notch and refers to the dissatisfied customer using a racial slur.

When contacted by a local news station about the comment, the owner refused to go on on-air but unapologetically owned up to the Facebook response.

Prior to this incident, AJ’s Gourmet Deli had only 15 reviews on its Facebook page.  Jesse Lopez-Gonzales’ review was the 16th and the only one-star review the eatery had received.  However, since this incident, the deli has received over 300 one-star reviews, mostly from people disgusted with the owner’s statements.

Jesse Lopez-Gonzales says he would be willing to accept an apology but will not be eating there again.

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