Illinois GOP removes delegate over post advocating racial violence

Lori Gayne, an Illinois delegate for Donald Trump, had her credentials revoked when her state’s party was made aware of her social media activity.  It appears that one post in particular sealed her fate.

While in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, she visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where she observed police officers on the roof of the building.  In response to this, she took to  Facebook under to share her reaction to this and wrote the following:

“Our brave snipers just waiting for some “N**** to try something. Love them.”

Reporters back in her home state of Illinois became aware of the post.  After being contacted by Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, the state’s Republican Party removed her from the delegation and issued a strongly-worded statement:

“Let me be unequivocally clear — racism and threats of violence have absolutely no place in the Illinois Republican Party or in a civil and inclusive society.

The Illinois Republican Party believes that inciting violence against anyone attending the RNC places state delegations, demonstrators exercising their First Amendment rights, and law enforcement personnel needlessly in harm’s way. Therefore, I have consulted with the Executive Committee of the Illinois Republican Party and have revoked Ms. Gayne’s credentials as a delegate to the Republican National Convention.”

Lori Gayne also issued her own apology, saying, in part:

“The statements do not reflect my character or feelings toward minorities. As a Jewish woman, I know that racism of any kind is unjustifiable and hurtful, even when it’s not intended. I also know that violence is never the answer to political disagreements. I respect the decision of the Illinois Republican Party and understand their concerns about my safety and that of the entire Illinois delegation. Please accept my deepest apologies.”

This incident is not her first for making racially-charged comments over social media.  According to the Chicago Tribune, she had previously posted under the name “whitepride”.  The paper says that her online antics were publicly revealed by the Tribune as early as May of this year.  The article goes on to say she has also used other pseudonyms on social media to attack those of the Muslim faith.

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