Instgram star arrested and exposed as fraud?

Param Sharma, known on Instagram as Lavish P., has made quite a name for himself by posting picutres of himself with piles of cash and flaunting his high-end fashion purchases. However, it looks like his latest photo is a mug shot.

Sharma, 18, has been arrested for selling a stolen iPhone on Craigslist.  If this didn’t send up a red flag, here’s another one: for someone who mocks the Kardashians as “peasants”, he can’t come up with the $30,000 needed to bail himself out of jail.

So, it’s quite plausible that this young man’s act is smoke and mirrors.  However, it’s actually working against him because the bail amount was likely based on the assumption that this was an amount that Sharma could easily pay.

It looks like Param Sharma … excuse me … Lavish P. will be hanging out in the county jail for next 90 days, living the lifestyle of the broke and shameless.

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